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Arizona Rain · 3...
Published on Nov 8, 2014...
Added By: Blue
Added On: 07/03/15

New Amsterdams...
Come see the flood, step to...
Added By: Muffy
Added On: 07/02/15

Piano Guys on...
Let It Go (Disney's...
Added By: Blue
Added On: 07/01/15

Notes from the Desert Floor:  Hot Summer Sunsets in Butterscotch and Rose Gold It is hot in Arizona, really, really hot.  And, it is often utterly cloudless all day and all night long. ...

By: Blue | Posted On 07/03/2015 16:44:31

Full Moon Tonight…That's a Full THUNDER Moon! Yes, tonight is a full moon, the first of two this month which means in a few weeks, on Friday, July 31 st, to be exact, we’ll be having a Blue Moon which...

By: Muffy | Posted On 07/02/2015 13:44:41

Notes from the Desert Floor:  Growing Rocks in the Arizona Desert Sun   When we moved to our little rancho out on the desert floor some years ago our new neighbor, now a dear friend Bob and his...

By: Blue | Posted On 07/01/2015 15:51:31

Astronomically speaking...What's up?  Tuesday, June 30, 2015   Well, we'll be gaining a second at midnight tonight.  That was pretty cool.  Hope you enjoy it.  But, it did raise...

By: Muffy | Posted On 06/30/2015 16:55:47

Desert Fashion or Desert Defense?  Arizonans insist on having it both ways!  Part One     Here is some practical advice for living a fashionable life in our amazing desert Arizona...

By: Darcey | Posted On 06/29/2015 22:00:59

Reach out in kindness to...
Female, 58 years old
Peoria, Arizona
United States
Change Your Coffee. Change...
Female, 59 years old
United States
Call us! Let’s begin to...
Female, 41 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States
Your Hometown Experts....
Male, 45 years old
Buckeye, Arizona
United States
For Full Service Fire...
Female, 47 years old
Goodyear, Arizona
United States
Join Us for Our 45th...
Female, 46 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States
“Never Trust a Skinny...
Male, 42 years old
United States
We specialize in cutting...
Female, 31 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States
Female, 35 years old
Litchfield Park, Arizona
United States
Proud to be a Home for...
Male, 34 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States

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