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Spring will come...
Spring Is In The Air! -...
Added By: turquoise
Added On: 06/25/16

Cooking Steaks...
Cooking Steaks & Baking...
Added By: turquoise
Added On: 06/25/16

That Guy who...
That Guy who can't get...
Added By: Blue
Added On: 06/23/16

When it's THIS HOT sometimes all you can do is laugh about it! Here's a list of jokes, sayings, claims and a few tall tales about Arizona summer heat a number of which are actually truisms....

By: turquoise | Posted On 06/22/2016 19:21:02

Notes from the Desert Floor:  Summer Solstice under a “Stawberry” Moon…It’s once in a lifetime!   The summer solstice is often used to mark the first day of summer and the longest day and...

By: Blue | Posted On 06/20/2016 17:33:05

Summer Solstice  is on  Monday, June 20, 2016, at 3:34 PM PDT (presently also Arizona time).  At 3:34pm today here in Arizona the West will lines up perfectly with the...

By: Blue | Posted On 06/20/2016 09:12:10

  Fathers Day honors our fathers, and is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.  Fathers Day was created in the early twentieth century in West Virginia to complement Mother's Day to celebrate...

By: SocialDirector | Posted On 06/19/2016 16:07:53

Juneteenth For almost 40 years the African American communities of Arizona have yearly, celebrated the tradition known as Juneteenth. Through the years of quiet celebrations, this event has grown from 80 to...

By: SocialDirector | Posted On 06/17/2016 13:46:49

Your Hometown Experts....
Male, 46 years old
Buckeye, Arizona
United States
Male, 40 years old
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
Female, 69 years old
United States
Join Us for Our 45th...
Female, 47 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States
Greg James @ Playing Music...
Male, 58 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States

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